Didn't see exactly what you wanted? No problem. Make a request for a custom board. One of the main advantages of aluminum construction is that changes can be made easily and quickly. No a custom board will not be as fast or as easy to make as a production board. But depending on the amount of customization it isn't to far off. Fill out the form below and we will let you know if it is possible and what the price might be for your specifications. We don't charge for this service right now so give it a try if you want something very specific that we don't offer in our production line. Customization is ultimately where we want to stand in the market and this is one more step in that direction. If you have an old board that you love and is no longer available. Send us the specs and some other details and we will see how close we can come. Pictures help a lot. Keep in mind that the easiest board we can build is completely flat, no tails, fixed wheel base, top mounted. That's our production board and is priced at $200. Anything ells will cost more than that.  Here are some customer requests so far.

Name *
This is the total length, nose to tail, the board will be. In the lines below tell us how long the board is and remember that tails will need to fit inside this length and so will the wheel base. A few good ones are 36,34,30,27 in inches.
Tell us how much rise or angle the tails should be and also how long. Keep in mind that it is possible to request conflicting dimensions. We recommend drawing your board out on paper first and check your math to make sure the trucks are not mounted to the tails. Unless that's what you want. A good tail is, 1.5 inch rise, 3 inch long, 4 inch wide.
Simply put this is the view of the board from the top. Simple shapes are what we offer right now. So an example of a good shape would be a tear drop or directional board. Also oval or hour glass are good examples see the home page for examples. Maybe you have another shape in mind from somewhere on the wed. Send us a link to check it out.
We do not offer W cave or bacon cave or rocker at this time. Those shapes are for pressed boards and right now we can't offer that. We offer simple concave with a specified rise. See our home page for examples. Let us know here if you want something very specific.
This is for specifying wheel clearance. It is necessary if you will run a lower board or very large wheels.
Want to get lower? Tell us how low to the ground you want to be. The easiest way to tell us this is to give the ground clearance. For example. Say drop down with 1/2 inch ground clearance. Another way is say the drop. Drop threw with 1/2 inch drop down.
This is the width of the deck or foot area. We offer 9, 10 and 11 inch wide decks. The largest we have built is 12 inches but that is for a very big size shoe.
Let us know what the final finish of the deck should be. Raw is just a sanded finish and has a flat grey color. Polish is a mirror like finish. We can swirl paint. But so far that's it.
Tell us if you need adjustment in the wheel base or if you want just one specific setting. Other wise we will model the board and let you know what it works out to be.