We are always looking to support longboard riders. Here you can read about what it takes to gain sponsorship from us and how to get started.

First things first. Why do we sponsor longboarding?

Sponsorship is one way to raise awareness of our aluminum longboards. For any business, it is impossible to sell your product if no one knows it exists. When we sponsor a rider it is expressed clearly here and in our contract that we intend to gain exposure from your longboarding or skateboarding activities.

What is exposure? It's when a product is presented in front of a crowd or audience. Below are a few examples.

Its not enough to just attend a downhill race, or just post a longboard trick video or make an instagram post. Exposure is all about views. We need 100s of thousands of people to see us. That means you need to place in the top three in the longboarding competitions you attend. Or you need 10,000 views or more on your youtube videos, or more than 10,000 followers, before we would consider sponsorship.

I know this sounds like a difficult challenge to someone who needs help. But look at it this way. If your going to your first downhill longboard race and don't have entry fees covered or a fresh longboard and wheels, and would like a sponsor to help you with all this. You basically just described every beginner rider in the world. We can't sponsor everyone. So here's what you have to do.

Upfront investment. This is the time period when you are racing on old longboard equipment, work part time or full time to pay for travel, entry fees, food, lodging, and safety gear. Practice after a long day at work multiple times per week. Race all weekend, crash a lot, loose and get up for work on Monday. Repeat this for three or more years before finally you win a few races, can bomb hills at blinding speeds, and grab the attention of a fare amount of people. This is exactly what we want to see. That you are serious and dedicated. At this point we will be happy to send you new longboard decks and some money to go to the next downhill race or skateboarding competion.

Before contacting us, you must be 18 or older and check to see if you have two of the following.

1) Placed in the top three of a local or national event in the past year, and entered in 12 or more events for that year.

2) Have at least one YouTube video that reached 100,000 views in less than 2 years time.

3) Have at lest 10,000 followers or friends on your social media account.

4) Been competing in race events or trick competitions for at least two consecutive years, and have entered more than 12 events during that time.

The above is the minimum, if you have two or more of these then send us an email. We will need you to provide proof of your abilities or results.

We start off with one free aluminum longboard deck in exchange for one YouTube video review by you of our product. From there we watch to see how much you use and promote our longboard. The more promoting you do with our product the more we will send your way.

The peek of our sponsorship is a test rider. As a test rider you'll be trained in the scientific method. Be expected to race at the highest levels of competition and be an ambassador of our product. You will test, study, review collected data and recommend design changes to our engineers. Then you test ride all new designs and repeat the process. This will earn you a paid position with our company.

Good luck and have fun!